Pranic Psychic Self Defense

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from psychic attacks, negative intentions, energy vampires and energetic pollution.  Practice shielding yourself, your belongings and others from attacks.  Learn special extraction techniques and how to utilize various objects for health, protection and empowerment. 

Psychic Self-Defense teaches scientific ways of using pranic energies to protect yourself from negative and injurious energies. Course topics include:

• The uses of psychic self-defense

• Types and sources of psychic attack

• How to close and strengthen the aura to prevent intrusions

• How to build and maintain multi-dimensional auric shields

• The uses of diversionary tactics to protect yourself and loved ones

• How to use crystals in psychic self-defense

• How to stop "energy vampires" from draining precious life force

• How to protect business and financial assets from competitors

• Remedies for psychic attacks

• Special invocations of protection from angels, masters and teachers

The textbook for this class is Practical Psychic Self Defense for Home and Office. It is available for purchase at the class for $30.00



PREREQUISITE:  Basic Pranic Healing